Christ Community Church

open your heart for christ

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Penhook, Virginia

Sunday services at 11:00am followed by refreshments






Lake Christian Ministries

Food Pantry

Thursday March 8th


Announcements and Dates



Weekly Choir Practice Thursdays at 3:00PM

March 19TH


Comfort Quilters


9:30- Noon


Dill's Lakeside Marina Office


This will be the final meeting till September


March 10, 9:30am


Start of Lent Bible Study


CREED; What Christians Believe and Why


Ends April 14th

March 15, 12:00 PM


Ladies Lunch Bunch

El Cazador



Sign Up on Bulletin Board

Private room Reserved

March 17th 12:00


Chili Lunch


Following Service

March 20


First Day of Spring