Christ Community Church

open your heart for christ

Christ Community Church of Virginia © 2015

Penhook, Virginia

Sunday services at 11:00am followed by refreshments


The planning for organizing Christ Community Church began in the fall of 1994.  Through the generosity of some local churches; an organ, a piano and hymnals were provided.  The first service was held on February 5, 1995 in Union Hall.  A house and 35 acres near Penhook were then donated with renovation being done by members.  The first service in our new Church house was held on Christmas Eve of 1995.  A cemetery, open to the public, was also established.  Our “House on the Hill” served as our worship center until October 15, 2000, when we moved to our present sanctuary. 







Our History

This cross that hangs in the rear of the sanctuary comes from a pecan tree that was cleared from the lot of what is now Christ Community Church (CCC).  Robert "Bob" Kaufman a member of CCC at the time took the wood from this tree and had it milled so it could be used to construct this cross.  Bob was and still is an excellent wood worker.  Bob and his wife Barbara moved to Harrisonberg, Va. several years ago.  Barbara was a member of the choir and played piano here for years.  The Kaufmans' were very active in the church and are missed by everyone.

                                                                                      -Robert Mawyer