Youth Enrichment Program

New CCC Outreach “Youth Enrichment Program (Y.E.P.).  

Youth: The early period of existence and development.

Enrichment: The action of improving or enhancing the value of something or someone.

Program: A set related measures of activities with a particular long term goal.

If YEP (with God’s help) can enrich one person’s life, what could or would the long term effect be?  Goals: Learning respect is something that you are not born with, you have to earn it and learn how to respect others while respecting yourself. Learning life lessons: etiquette, shaking hands, eye contact, 7 second rule, setting a table, cooking healthy meals, trying foods from different cultures, travel to places that expand your mind. Learn the value of a dollar and how to make and multiply your dollars. Realizing if you work hard for all the necessities in life the luxuries will come. We hope to instill Bible based Christian values and morals that will enable them to make correct decisions with proper attitude and conduct. Y.E.P. future programs: Provide flowers and refreshments for CCC Sunday Church Service, Alpaca Farm field trip, manners and etiquette education, volunteer at local Charities to learn the importance of giving back and the rewards of hard work.